5 for 40
Daniel Corral
Synchromy presents Daniel Corral’s 5 for 40. Picnic in a hidden park while enjoying a brand new sound.


Sunday, November 7th, 2021


470 Park Row Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Free, but registration is required


Daniel Corral: 5 for 40
Adriana Manfredi
Christine Tavolacci
Elisabeth Pesavento
Elizabeth Linares Montero
Luc Kleiner


Serene and poignant, Daniel Corral’s 5 for 40 creates a soundscape for our disquieted times using repurposed organ pipes. From a church decades-since demolished, these pipes have been retrofitted to be human-powered, changing the nature and source of their sound. Synchromy has set 5 for 40 amongst the Tabebuia trees of a quiet terraced garden.

Bring a blanket, a picnic, a loved one, and join Synchromy for the world premiere of a new sound.

“I wrote the score for 5 for 40 in August of 2020. The skies of LA were a thick grey from the nearby Bobcat Fire, and the air was smokey. Whole charred leaves from the San Gabriel Mountains drifted into our backyard and, combined with half a year of pandemic isolation, made the world seem particularly apocalyptic. 5 for 40 was my response to that time, along with my continued interest in presenting music outdoors. The stillness of the piece hopefully offers an invitation to be present outside and just listen – to sounds both intentional and unintentional.” – Daniel Corral